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Donaton of House to Burn

Carlton Fire District does except donation of houses to burn for training. A representative from the fire district will meet you and look at the house to assess the structure.  Do you have a house you would like to donate? Does it meet the following criteria?

  1. Asbestos must be removed and a test showing nonpresent.
  2. Sewer Must be blocked off and septic tanks must be marked.
  3. Power has to be shut off in the house.
  4. The Meter must be pulled by power company.
  5. All appliances must be removed from the house. 
  6. House must be cleaned out. (I.e.. furniture, wood stoves, hot water heater, ect..)
  7. House must have 30 to 50 feet of "defensible space" around it. ( I.e.. the next nearest structure, trees, vehicles, ect..)
  8. It can't be a manufacture home.
  9. The neighbors must be in support of it.


May contain: helmet, clothing, apparel, person, human, and fireman